What is the foreshadowing in the necklace?

foreshadowing in the necklace

There are a lot of things in the world that can’t be expressed in words. And you can’t tell everyone you meet about your own worldview. Fortunately, it is not necessary to resort to verbal ways of communication: there is an international language of jewelry, understandable in every corner of the globe.

Today we will talk about the meaning of necklaces and necklaces, their role in different cultures and other nuances of symbolism of jewelry that you wear on your chest. Almost all of them are amulets and talismans for good luck – in any case, so say esoterics. And they will become so, if you believe in it!

What does Hai necklace mean?

Let’s start with the meaning of Hai necklace, for which we need to turn to Jewish culture. There is an enormous emphasis on the value of life itself. The word “Hai” in Hebrew means “life” and symbolizes the number 18. This word consists of two letters, forming a visually spectacular motif, which is often used in the manufacture of jewelry.

The Star of David, on the other hand, is predominantly worn by Jews. It is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world (along with the Christian cross and the Muslim crescent). It is a hexagram consisting of two equilateral triangles superimposed on each other.

There are many interpretations of the sacred meaning of the Star of David, from ancient to proposed in this century, which would require a dozen similar articles to describe superficially. Let us be brief: now jewelry with this symbol is worn mostly as a sign of belonging to Jewish nationality or citizenship of Israel.

The meaning of the necklace The tree of life 

The meaning of the Tree of Life necklace is as multifaceted as our world. This symbol has existed in many cultures (including ancient Slavic and Christian). In fact, the tree in a circle symbolizes the unity of all things: the underworld, earthly life and heaven, where the higher beings dwell.

The Tree of Life necklace means that one wishes to be in harmony with oneself and the world around, values family ties and respects ancestors. At the same time, the Tree of Life is considered a powerful amulet whose power extends not only to the owner, but also to his family.

Sleeping necklace 

The sleeper necklace is not a nameless piece of jewelry: it is a trademark of Italian jewelry house Pasquale Bruni. According to Maestro Bruni, each piece of jewelry is not just a beautiful form but the content embodied in precious metals and stones. Behind his every creation there is a general idea.

Depending on the meaning the wearer puts into it, a sleeper necklace means:

A symbol of a temperamental nature and eternal feminine charm;

Willingness to change and the internal energy to implement ambitious plans;

Expectation of a new passionate love or willingness to ignite a sense of already favorite man.

But do not think that the necklace with a silver match will suit only a girl: it will fit perfectly into the stylish image of the macho brute. In general, before you is a trendy unisex style jewelry, suitable for absolutely everyone.

The meaning of the necklace key 

The golden key is not only the leitmotif of the famous children’s fairy tale, but also an ancient symbol. It was often chosen as a symbol of power or access to some secret knowledge. Weaving it into a key necklace was worn by rulers, commanders, scientists, wizards, and practitioners of the occult.

Nowadays a necklace in the form of a key for a woman means, first of all, her inexhaustible bent for romanticism. This key certainly belongs to her heart or to a magic door, behind which hides the world of her cherished desires. And the deliberately rude key around the man’s neck is most likely a sign of inner strength and power.

A key necklace with or without a lock is a great talisman for lovers: they trust each other with the keys of their own hearts.

Horseshoes for good luck 

The horseshoe is a very old symbol: it was hung above doorways and buried under sills to ward off evil spirits and attract luck. The symbolic meaning of a horseshoe necklace made of gold is also very ancient: one must call upon the intercession of Fortune to bring good luck in all endeavors. A horseshoe necklace made of gold is especially necessary for travelers and people whose lives involve risk.

Look at the lawn covered with clover: practically all of its leaves consist of three parts. To find a four-leaf clover is a great fortune, at least that is what the Irish believe, and with them the whole world. But you can always carry it with you as a necklace!

Moonraker necklace

Lunnitsa is a traditional old Slavic female amulet. It was worn by our foremothers long before and even during the expansion of Christianity: the sacred knowledge of the tribe could not be so easily eradicated.

The meaning of the Moon is revealed as a woman becomes the continuator of the family tree and the keeper of the family home. She bestows wisdom and foresight, and gives her intuition and the ability to maintain peace at home.

In addition to all of the above, the Moon Moon necklace in silver, according to popular belief, gives its wearer irresistible feminine charms, unfading beauty, good health and the ability to give birth to healthy offspring. The combination of the moon, which is a feminine sign, and the noble metal can also serve as a powerful talisman against hostile forces. But for men to wear the Moon necklace is not recommended.

Sun necklace 

Almost in all ancient cultures there was a cult of the Sun: the daylight was deified and personified. Only our ancestors had as many as four solar deities, one for each season!

As the moon patronizes women, so the sun symbolizes the male energy. The importance of the necklace Sun for men is difficult to overestimate, because it is a symbol of creation, the eternal movement forward, active life-giving principle.

Such jewelry can be a powerful talisman for all men, but especially for the warriors, travelers and extremes, and better if it is supplemented by Old Slavic symbol Thunder (Hromovik).

What does Yin-Yang mean? 

The Yin-Yang symbol is perhaps the most famous sign, given to us by the Chinese Taoists. Thanks to them, the symbol is used in many areas of our lives, including as a motif for jewelry.

Two irregular semicircles, black and white, with dots of opposite colors symbolize the unity of the two opposites: male and female origin, light and dark energy, birth and death, creation and destruction. As a result of their interaction, all things are born, it is the basis of life and existence, the energy Qi, which is filled with the universe.

Each of us, regardless of gender, is filled with two energies. They are forever fighting each other, generating inner conflicts. But when they come to harmony, one becomes almost perfect.

If a person wears a Yin-Yang necklace, it means that he is striving for harmony. He wants to find equilibrium of mind, self-confidence, good health and longevity. In short, he is interested in self-improvement.

The meaning of Muslim necklaces 

The most famous Muslim symbol is the crescent moon. The corresponding necklace (often supplemented with a star) means the bearer’s commitment to Islam, reverence for Allah and his prophet Muhammad.

In fact, the crescent moon with a star is the only widely known Muslim symbol. But there are others whose use is not too welcomed by Islam, for they originated when today’s Muslims were semi-wild nomads who did not know the name of Allah.

One such super-popular symbol in the world is the Khamsa (the Hand of Miriam, Fatima, Good Luck, God, and so on). It is known in many cultures: Egyptian, Muslim, Jewish, and even Christian.

The Hamsa represents a palm with the fingers pointing downward, with the two opposite ones symmetrical. In the center is often a symbol corresponding to one culture or another.

The meaning of the necklace Hamsa disclosed in full in tandem with female energy. This is a powerful talisman and amulet for good luck, responsible for mutual love, marital fidelity, healthy offspring, the preservation of the family home, and at the same time – and for female charms bearer.

An amazing jewelry language is understood in all corners of the world, and now you can speak it!