How to add charms to bracelet

add charms to bracelet

For many women the purchase of some jewelry is not planned, but spontaneous and is made as a result of mental impulse. Such moments ladies usually comment with the phrase: “I saw it and fell in love. Bracelets with charms require a serious approach. This piece of jewelry can not be bought without prior preparation, otherwise it will look not just trivial, but tasteless. In addition, a set bracelet as well as jewelry that are created by your own hands, has some kind of magical power. Therefore, its creation is a whole mystery, which should start with the selection of a suitable foundation. 

Choose a suitable bracelet-base

The first thing you need to start assembling a bracelet with charms is to buy the foundation. Most girls prefer a silver option. There are now a wide variety of bracelet options that can be used as a base for charms in the jewelry selection. The most common types are the rigid or semi-rigid bracelet.

The classic version of a charm bracelet is the semi-rigid lace bracelet with a snap clasp in the form of a ball or box. Many people prefer a charm bracelet with a carabiner clasp. Both clasps are secure and aesthetically pleasing, so the choice is personal preference.

Charms worn on a thin, sterling silver bracelet look stylish and elegant. Exactly such bracelets are available in Italian silver jewelry collection which is exclusively represented in  necklace stores. But when buying a rigid silver bracelet, you must be clearly confident in its size: necklaces additionally “eat up” a little space, so the bracelet itself must sit on the hand freely. This rule applies to closed bracelets – with detachable hard bracelets for charms such issues do not arise.

In choosing such a bracelet has several advantages. First, its cost is much lower than silver. Secondly, it is the best option for summer. Lightweight outfits and beachwear are best harmonized with natural materials: leather, wood, stones, textiles … Thirdly, this option is suitable for those who are just beginning to collect their collection of charms, because even one charm will look beautiful on a leather bracelet. Fourth, a leather bracelet looks great with silver bracelets and watches. This is very useful for those who are in a multilayered preference in the selection of jewelry. Fifth, leather bracelet with charms more securely fixes charms, so it does not require additional stoppers (necklaces, which latch on a particular section of the bracelet and keeps the beads in a certain sector).

If you choose a leather or textile bracelet, you should keep in mind that on such a base should not hang more than 7 charms.

Determining the correct size of the base

After choosing a bracelet-base, you should determine its correct size. To do this, measure the circumference of the wrist in centimeters. The most convenient way to do this is to use a tape measure. If you don’t have it handy, you can use any tape, thread or even a piece of paper, which should be wrapped around your wrist and simply measured with a ruler. To the obtained figure it makes sense to add 2-3 cm, because a bracelet with charms requires a free slip on the hand. If you plan to wear 1-2 charms, you should leave a small reserve, while for an impressive number of charms you will need more space.

Types of charm necklaces and rules for their selection

For those who want to assemble a really beautiful bracelet, it is important to know about the peculiarities of existing types of necklaces. There are several groups of necklaces for set bracelets. 

  1. A charm necklace is a simple or three-dimensional sterling silver ring that can have a figurine or symbol attached to it. Charms also include figurine beads without such a ring, which are put directly on the base. Charms also include colored Murano glass beads. 
  2. Stoppers and clips are necklaces that snap onto a certain part of the bracelet. These elements usually divide the bracelet into several sectors and keep the beads in a certain area.
  3. Separators – small silver beads that separate the charms from each other, balancing the composition.
  4. Connecting necklaces – these are two identical clips connected by a necklace. They are placed on both sides of the clasp, so that if the bracelet accidentally comes undone, the beads will not scatter from it.
  5. Pave beads are ordinary charms, fully encrusted with a scattering of stones.

How to assemble: some rules for choosing necklaces 

Very often it happens that the most beautiful beads are bought in a store, but after being strung on a bracelet, they somehow lose their attractiveness. This happens when the choice of charms is guided by the rule “the brighter and more unusual – the better. But before you buy new charms, you need to determine the style of your bracelet. 

  1. To assemble a laconic piece of universal style jewelry, it is recommended to choose round beads of silver.
  2. Do not overload your bracelet with necklaces of different styles. There must be some semantic connection between the beads on the base, they can be similar in shape and color.
  3. If you want to prevent the charms from merging into one silver mass, they must be separated from each other by murands or brighter charms.
  4. Two bracelets with a small number of silver charms look beautiful and stylish on the hand. One of them can be leather.
  5. Pave beads are distinguished by their effect and brightness. But the bracelet should not have more than 2-3 such necklaces. 
  1. Many girls choose silver charms for their bracelet, in which there is some definite meaning. For example, young mothers for whom the birth of a child was the most important event in life, hanging on the bracelet charms stroller or charm with a girl / boy. Ladies who are fond of a hobby, decorate the bracelet charms in the form of a camera, dancing couple, a sports ball, theater mask, silver watering can, etc. Girls in love love love to decorate the bracelet charms in the form of hearts. Romantic persons like the fairy-tale style of bracelets, which they give charms-locks, necklaces in the form of fairy-tale characters and mythical heroes.

Of course, there is no exact and universal answer to the question of how best to assemble a bracelet with charms. After all, it depends on the character, temperament, age and appearance of the owner of such an accessory. 

In any case, you should remember that the charm, strung on a bracelet with certain emotions and thoughts, can become a real talisman of good luck. Therefore, begin to collect the bracelet with the brightest feelings and in no case be upset if you did not succeed in combining some necklace. After all, the extra charm is a great excuse to buy another base for yourself or make a nice gift to your best friend, who is also still looking for an answer to the question of how to assemble your bracelet, which brings happiness and good luck.