How to remove charms from nails

remove charms from nails

Manicure plays a huge role in girls’ lives. Thanks to the stylish design of the nails it is possible to emphasize the outfit and complement the image. This is especially true for festive occasions when you need to present yourself in the best possible way.

To date, there are many types of nail design, but especially effective looks manicure with rhinestones.

Pros and cons

Nail art with shiny pebbles (rhinestones) are chosen by those of the fair sex who want to stand out from the crowd with sophistication and charm. Modern manicure provides not only a simple decoration plates, master of decorative materials and gel-lacquer create real masterpieces of art.

The main advantages of decor with rhinestones are listed below.

Versatility. In such a simple way, you can simultaneously emphasize the beauty of ladies’ hands and hide their external defects in the form of unevenness of the plates.

An ideal addition to the female image. The shiny design is appropriate not only at night, but also during the day. It can be used both for everyday life and for going out.

A simple technique of execution. To create a decor does not require great skill and experience. The laying out of glittering particles depends on personal imagination.

A wide range of products. The market is represented by rhinestones of any color and size, so it is easy to pick them up for a certain style.

As for the disadvantages of such a manicure, it can cause discomfort during wear – rhinestones cling to hair and clothes. In addition, such a design is short-lived, its duration depends directly on the quality of the glue.

In addition, the shiny elements must be able to use in moderation; otherwise, from a refined and attractive manicure can make a complete tastelessness.

Popular varieties

Rhinestones are miniature jewelry with an imitation of precious stones, they are made of rock crystal, zirconium, plastic, colored or transparent glass. Because one side of the crystals has many facets, the particles can change color in the sun and shimmer. The second side has a flat shape, which allows you to easily attach elements to the nail plate. Rhinestones come in different shapes, sizes and types. The smallest of them reaches only 0.5 mm, and the largest – 4 mm.

For modern manicure are usually used multifaceted, rectangular and circular elements; great popularity among fashionistas also enjoy rhinestones in the form of ovals, boats, droplets, flowers and hearts. As a rule, shiny particles are available in a metal base or on a mirror backing.

Depending on the method of manufacture and external effects, there are the following types of rhinestones.

  • Classic. Characterized by smooth facets and perfectly imitating precious stones and minerals.
  • Smooth hemispheres. They are subjected to a special grinding process. Smooth elements such as pearls and “cat’s eye” look beautiful in the design.
  • Stabbed. These are pixie crystals made from crystal chips and broken glass. They have a small size, which does not exceed 1.5 mm.
  • Cone. They have a tapered bottom and are usually used to decorate extensions.
  • Charms. They are distinguished by their complex execution and are made in the form of Christmas trees, bows, snowflakes or crowns.
  • Siju Pearls. Imitate transparent and multicolored “sea pebbles.

In addition, rhinestones are distinguished by the effect of glitter, which is obtained by the passage of light through a transparent glass. Because the material can be both colored and colorless, the light is differently refracted in the facets of the particles and scattered into numerous sparks. Many masters for manicure choose rhinestones with a “northern glow” effect, they are called chameleons. Thanks to the holographic coating, such stones shimmer iridescent multicolor. Available for sale and rhinestones with a pearly sheen, they are made in more than 20 colors and shades.

Transparent pieces are considered the most fashionable, because they perfectly match any pattern and design. The price of each type of rhinestone depends on the material from which they are made.

Plastic elements are cheap, glass ones are expensive, but they are of higher quality and look impressive on the nails.

How to fix?

Nail-art with shiny stones is very popular among the fair sex, regardless of their age. This design can be performed both in the salon and at home. The fixing of crystals is usually carried out on the gel coating. Such a technique is uncomplicated and it can handle even a novice master. To properly put rhinestones on the nail, it is necessary to perform the following steps.

  • Before you put the shiny elements you need to create a coating of gel varnish, using both single-phase and three-phase varnishes. After the color coating is ready, the nails are covered with a top, except for those where it is planned to attach the stones. The top is dried in a UV lamp.
  • Then the plates, where the rhinestones will be placed, carefully applied gel and immediately placed in the form of patterns of crystals. To put the crystals on the gel-lacquer should be carefully, pressing a little, so they are slightly “sunk” in the gel.
  • Next, the plates are dried in a lamp for a few minutes and between the crystals spend a brush soaked in the top, trying not to dirty their surface. In the last turn, the sides of the stones are treated, the top is dried in a UV lamp and the sticky layer is cleaned.
  • In addition, rhinestones can be fixed and a transparent varnish, trying it on as a glue. To do this, first make a manicure, design and dry everything. Then the crystals are taken one by one with tweezers, turned over, placed backwards on the drop of polish and glued on. Then, the crystals are covered with nail polish again and wait for complete drying.

How to remove?

Manicure with rhinestones is beautiful, but sooner or later you have to correct it. Crystals usually hold on the gel base no more than 5 days, then the fragments of the patterns from the nails begin to fall off and their design spoils. To prevent this, rhinestones can be easily removed at home and then create a new decoration.

To clean the stones from the gel polish use a pusher, which has the form of a sharp hatchet, this way you can quickly remove all the elements. Also, many masters saw off rhinestones, soak them in a special liquid or remove them with a milling machine. These methods are acceptable, but they require a lot of effort and time. Therefore, it is best to start working with a pusher. Each crystal is picked up one by one with a hatchet: if the attempt is not successful from the first time, it should be forged from the other side.

If the rhinestone is firmly fixed and cannot be cleaned, it is sawn off with a file of hardness 100 grit.

When all the rhinestones are removed, but a dense layer of topo, which was poured to fix it, is necessary to additionally saw off this coating. A similar procedure is done on all nails. At the end of the procedure, the hands should make a soothing compress and re-scratch the remains of nail polish with an orange stick. In addition, the plates should be well polished with a router and left without decorations for a while, as the constant attachment and removal of rhinestones can damage the structure of the nails.

What can a manicure design be?

Nail art with rhinestones is represented by various design options. They can lay out interesting patterns and beautiful flowers. For summer manicure, it is recommended to use brighter shades of gel polish and decorate all or separate nails with crystals. For the fall, it is best to choose pomegranate, chocolate and burgundy polish. Most often, rhinestones are placed on the plates as follows.

  • Along the cuticle line. Such a design gives the manicure a festive look and dilutes the monotony of colors. In the center of the line is usually placed a large rhinestone, on the sides attach small elements, and on the edges – the smallest. Crystals asymmetrically placed along the cuticle line also look unusual.
  • The entire plate. Dotted with shiny rhinestones nail can be a chic luxury, but if you go overboard with the number of elements, the manicure will become vulgar and will indicate the girl’s tastelessness. Therefore, stylists recommend decorating only one finger (ring finger) in this way.
  • Pyramid. In this version, crystals are attached at the base of the plate, forming a form of a shiny triangle. Such a design looks beautiful and it is easy to make at home.
  • Shirt. The decor is suitable for a monochrome coating. Shiny fragments are laid out in the center in the form of three vertical strips. In this case, the pattern can be slightly shifted to the left or right side of the nail.
  • Wave. The nail plate is decorated with a line of “diamonds” running from the base to the free edge. The pattern should smoothly change the angle of direction and wiggle.
  • Moon. In this design, the main emphasis is placed on the nail hole, which is decorated with iridescent elements. As a rule, such a technique is used only on one nail.

In addition, rhinestones are often used and in the French manicure. Especially relevant is such a design when creating a wedding and evening image.

Crystals emphasize the contours of the French and combine them with other decor options.

How to combine with clothes?

Manicure must be in good harmony with the outfit and look natural. Therefore, selecting this or that type of design with rhinestones, it is important to remember about their moderation, otherwise a huge number of stones will give the nails a weighty look. The color of the crystals should be selected not only to the palette of nail polish, but also to the shade of the decoration. For an everyday image, you can not use too contrasting stones.

Girls who spend a lot of time in the office and prefer a strict style, the masters recommend doing a classic French with rhinestones. On a pastel base, which is close to the natural color of the nail, small crystals placed at the junction between the base and the edge of the plate will look good.

Such a design will give the hands a feminine look and will suit any style and color of the outfit. Business ladies can also apply a moon manicure with rhinestones: a line of shiny particles in the form of a ball or month looks unobtrusive and will beautifully emphasize the style of a dress, skirt or pantsuit.

As for going out and celebrations, a composite manicure of rhinestones is suitable for them. The color of the crystals should find its continuation in the accessories and other jewelry of the girl. This will make the image simultaneously airy and bright.

A universal option, which can be applied to the daily image and special occasions, is considered a manicure in pastel and gentle shades, decorated with small rhinestones. It is recommended to dot the ring finger and the little finger with them.