How long to wait to change earrings after piercing

change earrings

After piercing the ears, the doctor inserts special medical earrings – pussettes, which are later replaced by jewelry made of precious metals, decorated with jewels, enamel, etc. It is easy enough to remove the earrings-pins after the piercing gun.

How long should the first earrings be worn?

The first medical earrings are recommended to be worn for 1-2 months. It is not recommended to remove the stud earrings after the piercing and earlier due to several reasons:

The specified period is average and is due to a number of objective and subjective reasons.

Depending on age, gender, general health and epidermis, it is possible to remove medical earrings from the ears earlier or later than the deadline. For those who have multiple earlobe, perimeter or inner ear piercings (Daith, Industrial, Tragus and other types of piercings), the period of wearing medical earrings can be significantly prolonged.

If there is confidence that the healing of the standard piercing was successful, there is no pain or other discomfort, you can remove the first earring-nails yourself. In the case of a complex version of the piercing, it is better to contact a specialist.

How to correctly remove stud earrings

If the puncture site and the protruding parts of the pins were periodically treated with a disinfectant, it will not be difficult to remove the medical carnation earrings from the ears.

If the wound has completely healed, there is no pain or other discomfort, you can wear new earrings. If there is burning, tingling sensation at the puncture point, presence of blood or other discharges, you should consult a doctor to rule out a possible inflammation.

Do not try to remove the nail earrings abruptly after piercing your ears with a gun. In addition to painful sensations, you could damage the epidermis and cause bleeding or inflammation.

How to Undo a Nail Earring

Knowing the type of clasp, it’s easy enough to open clove earrings:

When choosing medical earrings, pay attention not only to the comfort of use, but also to the type of fastening. A clasp is the most popular and comfortable type of clasp. It fixes the earrings at a certain level and is easy to undo.

How to remove a child’s earrings after a piercing gun

Medical baby stud earrings are removed in the same way as for adults. It is important to initially choose lighter and more comfortable pussy models with a comfortable, easily removable clasp. Since your baby may touch the ears when they feel uncomfortable, choose a clasp that is sturdy and securely locks.

If, after the required period after the puncture, the wound has healed, no discharge or inflammation is noticed, the mother can remove the medical nail earrings from the child herself. In other cases, it is better to consult a specialist.

Tips for choosing a new piece of jewelry

There is a misconception: when medical earrings are removed, you can wear any jewelry.

The main purpose of wearing bracelets is to heal the wound and correctly fix the direction of the piercing. After 1-2 months the formed layer of epidermis is thin, and the circulatory system and tissues of the earlobe are still not sufficiently restored.

Therefore, the choice of new jewelry must comply with the following rules:

If multiple piercings are made inside or around the perimeter of the ear lobe, you should choose lightweight small ornaments based on precious metals with a comfortable locking mechanism. It is important that the ornament does not deform the ear, maintains free blood flow and is comfortable to use.

Following the rules described above will keep your ears healthy and allow you to wear any jewelry comfortably in the future.

How long after an ear piercing can I wear new earrings?

If the earrings are made of silver? They say that gold earrings can be inserted right away, but silver earrings?

Silver is now mostly rhodium-plated.

The girl is 14 years old, she had her ears pierced recently. There are medical steel carnations in her ears. Probably an alloy of some kind.

How long do earlobes have to heal after piercing?

How long does it take for a piercing to heal? Minimum how many days and maximum?

It’s best to wait two months. And every day to treat the hole of the puncture, earlobes and every day the earring from medical steel to take out, it to lubricate with disinfectant solution and again to insert.

Until the hole is completely healed, no new earrings can be inserted. Not even sterling silver earrings. Gold earrings can be inserted, but until the hole is healed, do not change them.

Some people are allergic to silver, and while the hole is fresh, it is better not to take any chances.

And if you don’t take earrings out of your ears every day, the hole will overgrow along with the earrings, you will have to rub it again, it will heal worse and the process of inserting new earrings can take a long time.

When my mother pierced my ears, she immediately gave me gold earrings.

The pierced ears did not hurt, did not pus, every morning my mother wiped my ears with triple cologne, and within a month I forgot I had pierced ears.

Now the procedure for piercing earrings is done with a special gun, and in the ear is a nail earring made of special metal.

It is recommended to change these earrings not earlier than 2 months after the piercing sites are completely healed.

Before replacing the earrings should be treated with an alcoholic liquid.

The puncture is made with a sterile needle, the needle is inserted into the cartilage, then the jewelry is inserted through it. The presence or absence of painful sensations depends on the personal level of pain threshold. After the piercing, bleeding and leakage of fluids from the puncture is likely, especially in cases where the jewelry clings to clothing or hair. When using a piercing gun, there is a high chance of crushing the cartilage and introducing infection, so they are practically not used.

The healing time ranges from 2 months to 1 year.

Where was the piercing done? A normal cosmetologist should tell you right away how to take care of it and how long it will take to heal. You can go into the salon and ask if it’s too early to change the earrings. The healing time of the wound depends on many things:

For example, my beautician did not recommend piercing during the hot season because the chance of suppuration increases.

State of immunity. How long do wounds and scratches take to heal?

How well did you follow the recommendations for the care of the piercing?

But even in the most favorable case, you should not try to change the earrings right away. Even if everything seems fine. Inside the puncture the skin needs to scar, and it takes more than a week. A new earring is likely to be thicker than a medical nail, it can be damaged and you will have to start over.

After ear piercing, instead of stainless steel stud earrings, you can wear silver earrings only after the earlobes are fully healed. This varies from person to person. It can take anywhere from three days to two to two months.

I immediately put the earrings on, every day treated with cologne and twisted them back and forth.The main thing in the wind is not to go out much. So the first time in a scarf.They do heal for a long time, the earrings are better to wear gold or silver (if the ears do not hurt).I put silver after the puncture, nothing like it did not hurt.

It is impossible to say for sure. It is necessary to look at the wound and try new earrings. My daughter changed her earrings after 2 weeks, and I had to suffer for several months. A friend of mine can’t stand the change of earrings in her ears at all, they start to inflame right away.

In some cases (allergies) silver earrings should never be inserted at all.

In other cases you should make sure that the wound is completely healed before putting on the earrings. Usually experts recommend to wait for a couple of months, to treat the ears and the earrings themselves (the ones made of medical steel) every day, and to take the earrings out every day or at least twist them around.

The healing process can last longer than two months, to infinity. If your earlobes are going to be sore, swollen or inflamed, you will have to wait until these negative processes are neutralized.

You can also get your ears pierced at home. You only need a second person and a special needle, an ordinary needle will not work, it will be painful and difficult.

The second person is needed then to see where to pierce, you could make a mistake and the earrings will not be at an equal height.

You can buy a needle at the drugstore. It is a surgical triangular needle. It looks like a half ring. It is difficult to pierce the cartilage of the ear with a round needle. A triangular needle has three cutting edges and can easily pierce a hole.

Stock up on alcohol at the drugstore, you only need a small bottle that is sold for going to tests. Lie on your back, without a pillow. Your companion will wipe the puncture site with alcohol on both sides and the needle. And in a bold move, pierce your ears. Insert a silk thread or gold. You can hold the ice for a short time. Rub with the rest of the alcohol until it heals.