How to clean wedding ring at home

clean wedding ring

It is not surprising that for many people they become a kind of amulet. People wear them practically without taking them off, and this jewelry is most often subject to deformation. Over time, the ring tarnishes and small scratches, at first unnoticeable, become clogged with dirt and grease.

Fortunately, restoring your favorite piece of jewelry to its presentable appearance is not too difficult. To maintain the elegance and sparkle of your wedding ring, jewelers recommend that you clean it at least twice a year. You can use cleaning compositions sold in jewelry stores, or you can use for cleaning the improvised means that can be found in the arsenal of every hostess.

How can I bring back the shine of my jewelry?

Smooth gold rings are the easiest to clean. When slightly dirty, it is enough to just wipe them with a soft cloth: a piece of felt, velour or suede. Rub vigorously on your favorite ring for 10 to 15 minutes and it will shine again. Can’t find the right material? Simply purchase some polishing cloths from your jewelry store. They’re ideal for preventive cleaning and polishing your jewelry.

For heavy soiling, this simple method may not be enough. Here are a few more options available to restore the luster of an engagement ring at home:

A soapy solution is good for removing stale dirt and grease. It is also safe for diamond engagement rings. Prepare a bowl of warm water with a little laundry soap and soak the jewelry for about 30 to 40 minutes. Once the dirt has softened, it can easily be removed with a soft toothbrush or cloth. Rinse the engagement ring thoroughly under running water and dry it well before putting it back on.

Ammonia solution is great for lovers of fancy engagement rings with embossed patterns that are difficult to clean with soap and a brush. Ammonia is quite active and can discolor jewelry, so we recommend diluting it with water (one teaspoon per glass of water). Half an hour in such a solution – and the engagement ring will be enough just to blot with a napkin and polish.

Sometimes to prepare a cleaning solution to ammonia add hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of 1:2, and then dilute with water. Such a solution smells less intensely than ammonia solution, but it does the job just as well.

How to keep the luster of a wedding ring?

Jewelers do not recommend wearing precious jewelry 24/7. No matter how precious your engagement ring is, try to take it off when you’re cleaning, applying makeup, using caustic household chemicals, or working with heavy objects. To keep your ring in pristine condition, follow a few simple rules:

  • Beware of mechanical damage to the ring;
  • Take the ring off when cleaning or wearing gloves;
  • Don’t wear a ring in the shower or pool, as chlorine hurts the structure of the metal;
  • Avoid letting your ring come into contact with medicines and cosmetics;
  • Clean your ring regularly to remove any dirt.

How to polish a wedding ring at home?

Even with the necessary care for your jewelry, you need to remember that gold is a very soft metal, and your ring can easily get scratched or deformed. No matter how careful you are while wearing your ring every day, over time it will become covered with tiny scratches and lose its shine. Many skillful women rush to polish their jewelry with nail files, baking soda, scouring pastes and other abrasives. But it’s better to refrain from such a barbaric way and take the ring to be polished in a jewelry salon.

Masters will unmistakably determine the best way to polish the alloy of which the ring is made, and quickly return it to shine. The jewelers use efficient but gentle equipment to remove a small layer of metal, and then they treat the surface with polishing agents.

Professional polishing transforms the pieces. But do not use this method too often, as each time a small layer of metal is removed from the surface, the ring will thin. Try to take good care of your engagement ring, and it will last as long as possible.